Seize the (Indie) Author Day!


Hey, authors and readers! Have you heard about the Indie Author Day taking place in libraries around the country on October 14? It celebrates independent authors and small press publishing. I knew about it but thought it might be too late to participate. On a whim, I called the nearby Monterey Library which was listed as a participant on the national website That’s when I connected with the wonderful Eboni Harris who, due to a cancellation, just happened to have a place for me on the Self versus Traditional Publishing Panel. Was I interested? You bet.

National Indy Day is October 14. But the Monterey Library has planned their extra special event on October 7 featuring a day of education, networking, mingling, writing, book selling, panels and much more! Eboni has set up a Facebook page with all the details. Here’s the link:

I’m so glad I decided to make that call. It just goes to show that opportunities are always out there awaiting…just seize the day.


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