Tales of Our Lives, A New Anthology of Inspiring and True Women’s Stories–including mine!

Women's Memoirs

I’m pleased to announce that my contest entry to WomensMemoirs.com was selected as an award winner. Now my story and the marvelous stories by my sister co-winners have been published in a two-volume anthology e-book series entitled TALES OF OUR LIVES (Fork in the Road and Reflection Pond.) My story is A Time to Lose, a Time to Heal and is the first story in Part 5 in Tales of Our Lives: Fork in the Road. The anthology is already an award-winner as an honorable mention in the New England Book Festival.

As an added bonus, the editor of the anthology, Matilda Butler, has included the introduction to her new writing methodology (Writing Alchemy). If you’re thinking of writing about your life or the lives of others in your family, then you’ll want to read that chapter. Second, the editor begins each section with a series of prompts that will help you to think about your own life stories — stories you may want to share with your family.  These two writing tools help make these volumes even more than a good read. You get 81 powerful stories and 98 prompts.

Beginning today, January 8 at 8 am (PST), each volume will be just $.99 for the first 53 hours. (That’s a 76% discount.) The prices will go up by $1 each 53 hours until they reach the retail price of $3.99 (still a great price). I’d love for you to read the 81 stories in the two volumes—mine and those of the other authors as well and want you to know about the great initial pricing.  It’s available on Amazon right now:

Seasons of Our Lives: Fork in the Road

Here’s a short excerpt from my vignette:

“Helen had a stroke.” As usual Dad’s words are concise and to the point. He sounds hopeful and I try to expect the best. After all, people have strokes everyday… After many years and miles between us, Mom and I had finally made peace after an up and down relationship fraught with the fights, slammed doors and the painful sting of adolescence angst that trickled down from my older sister and ended with me…”

Words of Praise for TALES OF OUR LIVES 

“… a collection of stories as colorful and textured as a vibrant quilt that’s been pieced together by a community of lively women.” ~Susan Spangler, artist, author & illustrator of the graphic memoir THE YEAR OF THE BIRD: TRUE STORIES IN WORDS & PICTURES, and blogger at http://shygirltalking.com and http://susanspangler.com

“These brave and honest stories… describe a rich range of experiences, joy and sorrow, love, death, birth, and personal transformation. In giving voice to many of us who share similar memories, the writers help us to honor our own lives.” ~Maria Espinosa, American Book Award for LONGING and PEN Oakland Award for DYING UNFINISHED.

One last thing, you can read these e-volumes even if you don’t have a Kindle or tablet!

Just go to Amazon.com and type into the search window: kindle for mac download free or kindle for PC download free. The screen will give you the option to download, for free, software that lets you read Kindle ebooks on your Mac OR your PC. There is separate software for each. Just click on the one you need. It’s free. It’s safe to download. It lets you read all the Kindle ebooks that you want.

And after you’ve read the stories, I hope you’ll feel inspired to write a review on Amazon.  I know we would all appreciate it.



PS  We’re trying to get our Amazon ranking as high as possible. It would be great if you’d consider letting your friends and contacts know about these ebooks. The stories will inspire, intrigue, and captivate. These “peeks” into the lives of others are a great way to reflect on our own lives.

Tales of our Lives cover

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This blog features news about my memoir, Nothing Like Normal, Surviving a Sibling’s Schizophrenia, which was published by Black Opal Books in late 2015. In the meantime, it will also be a voice for myself and others who have faced mental health issues in their families or in their own lives. It will also feature my writing on a wide range of topics with original photos and posts. This is a new adventure for me so who knows what will appear! Join me on this journey and feel free to chime in.
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2 Responses to Tales of Our Lives, A New Anthology of Inspiring and True Women’s Stories–including mine!

  1. dyane says:

    I’ll buy it, Martha!!!!! And please, if you feel like it, keep tweeting about it because I’ll retweet those tweets too & hashtag them as well – maybe with #memoir & #writing. Also my writer friend Lisa uses #iartg #asmsg for her writing-related tweets :)))))))))
    Let me know if there are other #’s I should use. I’m still very ignorant about Twitter.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Marie Abanga says:

    I have always loved reading real stories instead of fiction etc. More often than not, I can relate or remember someone who mirrors if you get what I mean. I am therefore gonna add this anthology to my wish list. Glad I came here and checked what was up with you Martha. All the best


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