Nothing Like Normal is One Year Old!


It’s hard to believe that my memoir has been out for a year but this week (on Nov 14 to be exact) it will have reached its one year publication anniversary. It has been so rewarding and gratifying for me to connect with readers, writers and many people involved in the mental health community. In fact, as a result of my book, I am now a presenter for NAMI (The National Alliance on Mental Health) and I have been honored to visit high school health classes in my area presenting a unit on mental health and suicide prevention along with my associates.

In honor of this occasion and in order to share the book with more readers, Nothing Like Normal will be on sale for 99 cents on Amazon from November 11 to November 17th. If you haven’t read it yet, here is your chance! I am also hoping to get some more reviews which are so important to authors–even if it’s just one line! Here is the link to Amazon in order to purchase the e-edition for 99 cents:

Amazon Link

In addition, I’m sponsoring a Good Reads Giveaway starting at midnight on November 11 thru November 18. Two free signed hard copies will be given away. All you have to do is click to be entered! The link below will take you to Good Reads:

Goodreads Book Giveaway

Thanks for all your support * Happy Holidays to You and Yours *

Wishing Us All the Best for 2017!

About marthagw

This blog features news about my memoir, Nothing Like Normal, Surviving a Sibling’s Schizophrenia, which was published by Black Opal Books in late 2015. In the meantime, it will also be a voice for myself and others who have faced mental health issues in their families or in their own lives. It will also feature my writing on a wide range of topics with original photos and posts. This is a new adventure for me so who knows what will appear! Join me on this journey and feel free to chime in.
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2 Responses to Nothing Like Normal is One Year Old!

  1. dyane says:

    Congratulations on your memoir’s one year anniversary, Martha! :))
    I’m so proud of you & you’re a true inspiration; that’s fantastic that you work with NAMI as a presenter! I shared the special on Facebook and I will do it on Twitter too – I have a new “handle” on Twitter because when I took my Twitter hiatus, they wiped out all my contacts,
    so please follow me @DyaneHarwood

    Once again, congrats!!!!


  2. krpooler says:

    Congratulations, Martha! What a wonderful feeling to hear how your words are touching others. Your story is still with me and I’m sure it will continue to help others for a long time to come. Feel proud!


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